Bridal Shower Banners

Our banner and garland collection is the way to decorate a blank wall space or add pizzazz to a fireplace. Welcome guests and the guest of honor with metallic mini tassels and a letter garland that spells out anything from the bride's name to a sweet sentiment. Or put together your own wall decoration with our DIY Tassel Garland Kit and spell out l-o-v-e any way you like with a gold glitter or scalloped banner. It's all up to your creative imagination and how you envision the celebration. No matter how you bedeck the space with these banners and garlands, you're sure to brighten the faces of the bride and guests when they see your decorative creations gracing the walls. Once the party is over, you might even want to tuck these away for another day or spruce up your own space with tassel and garland flare.